Seven solid evidences learning interior design is good for your career enhancements

Creativity plays an important role in society and never more so than in the lives of individuals who are passionate about following their dreams and pursuing a career that is fulfilling, rewarding and functional.

Whilst many of us struggle on a daily basis to find our dream role, it appears that those who have chosen to follow interior design in London ( based courses, are amongst the happiest of workforce employees and freelance contractors.Transferable skills such as budgeting, project management, effective communications and the ability to work both in a team and on your own, whilst under pressure and to tight deadlines are just some of the challenges that well known celebrity designers have showcased to the nation in popular interior design London prime time television shows, such as DIY SOS, Grand Designs and 60 Minute Makeover.

apartment interior designer londonBased in a vibrant and cosmopolitan capital city, interior designers London face tough competition, however with solid work ethics and job specific skills that are highly sought after and transferable, this is undoubtedly one industry that continues to be a desirable career choice for new graduates and school leavers to enter into.
Seven solid evidence based career enhancements that interior designers put to good use when carrying out their daily roles are;

• advance computer skills required for CAD design and excel for budgeting purposes
• communications skills used when interacting with suppliers and clients
• a knowledge of cost and budgeting best practices to ensure profit
• the ability to carry out research and source desired products and tools
• project management skills
• practical skills needed when onsite
• a foundational knowledge of building, environmental and health and safety law

Once established, Interior designers London (, rarely stray far from their desired professions, choosing to set up freelance consultancy practices or to work for internationally renowned or local design houses. As the evidence clearly shows creativity can be a highly profitable career choice, with multiple benefits that will without a doubt enhance long term career progression and a healthy work/life balance.

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