Seven Common Misconceptions About Interior Design.

The buildings we come in and out of every day all have their own look and feel, but who took the time to create that appearance? Without interior designers, the floor plans, layouts, and styles of modern buildings would be far less appealing. These designers take years of schooling to study the process of design before applying it in the world. Interior designers London are especially capable, considering the smaller spaces they are usually working it.
What do you think about interior design London? If you’re one of the many people who find designers overrated, you might be falling prey to the 7 common misconceptions about this particular field of work.

1. Designers only focus on decorative aspects
This is one small part of the job, but a larger part is working with the building plans to make rooms as useful and functional as possible. Designers can read blueprints, they know the building codes and laws, and they are knowledgeable in how rooms and buildings should be to maximize the usefulness of the space.
2. Interior design is for the rich people and corporations
Although you might see designers being employed mostly by these clients, it is only because others like you are unwilling to call up a designer and simply ask about them working in your budget. Many are more than willing to assist you with small jobs and small budgets for a project.
3. Designers are inflexible and stubborn
This is a myth that seems to be circulating because of some of the design shows on TV today. Reality shows are not usually true, so don’t be afraid that a designer will be too insistent on having their own way.
4. You are just as capable as an interior designers London
You may be great at making a beautiful space in your home, but the truth is that when someone studies interior design London, they are exposed to more than just home staging and are knowledgeable in areas you might not even have thought about.
5. The end result will reflect the designer’s tastes, not mine
Interior design is a profession. As such, designers are there to meet the needs of the clients rather than their own desires for the space. If you tell a designer how you think the space should be, they will work hard to make that into a reality.
6. Designers make unlivable spaces, not functional homes
As mentioned before, designers are not just familiar with how to make things look nice. They are extremely capable in building requirements, codes, and laws as well as techniques for making a room or space as useful as it can be. If you have a small area and you want to optimize the space, a designer is the perfect person for the job.
7. Most designers are females
Although this has nothing to do with the quality of the projects that can be done, many people assume that women dominate in the field of interior design. Actually, it’s a field that has many people of both genders and it is not just a job for women.


Without interior design, our buildings would be a lot less functional and much less attractive on the inside. Don’t underestimate the influence that good design practices have had on the modern world! If you’ve held any of the misconceptions above in your head, it’s time to change your way of thinking and get in touch with what interior design is really about: creating structures that are as functional and beautiful as possible.
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